Welcome to the Alaska Lodge of Research & Education

The Alaska Lodge of Research and Education (ALRE) is a research lodge under the Grand Lodge of Alaska comprised of members from around Alaska, the United States, and the world. Its members are dedicated to researching, documenting and sharing insights concerning Freemasonry using an evidenced-based approach with a goal of inspiring those who are interested in learning more about the oldest fraternity in the world.

The ALRE meets for physical communications on a biannual basis and enjoys a diverse, engaging program. These meetings are held throughout Alaska. The ALRE also meets regularly online to conduct research, scholarly discourse, and routine business. For a list of upcoming meetings, please review the Meetings, Events, & Online Forum section of this website.

Our Mission

The mission of the Alaska Lodge of Research and Education is to inspire Alaska’s Masons towards the pursuit of Masonic research and education, and to encourage and elevate the novice Mason in the pursuit of greater knowledge and scholarly achievements. The Alaska Lodge of Research and Education offers Alaska’s Masons an opportunity to learn and participate in thoughtful approaches to Masonic research, education, and ritual in a dignified and intellectually engaging atmosphere. This Lodge has a further mission, which is to assist Alaska’s constituent lodges with Masonic education, as well as supplemental topics that elevate and enliven the Masonic experience.

Our Concept

This Lodge is an online and traveling Masonic Lodge. The lodge concept practiced by the Alaska Lodge of Research and Education is a Masonic lodge model that embraces Masonic education including research, essays, readings, exemplification of rituals, and discussion on Masonic subject matter. Communications of this Lodge will travel around Alaska. In addition, convivial activities of the Lodge will include excellent meals, engaging activities and events, and may host guests and speakers.

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