What is a research lodge?

A research lodge is a lodge of Freemasons specifically authorized to meet by the respective grand lodge in the jurisdiction in which they meet and works by applying the principles of scholarship and historical investigation into Freemasonry. Research lodges do not confer degrees and typically restrict membership to Master Masons in good standing. Research lodges can be found in many states and countries, with some jurisdictions having more than one research lodge.

Where did research lodges begin?

The first lodge of research was Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, which was founded in London in 1886 under the United Grand Lodge of England and which continues to exist today. Quatuor Coronati was initially founded to correct many of the imaginative writings of earlier authors who had opined on the beginnings and history of Freemasonry without conducting evidenced-based research to support their arguments. This began what is now referred to as the “authentic school” of Masonic research.

Is a research lodge and a research society the same thing?

While both organizations share similar aspects; namely the dedication to research on Masonic topics with a goal of producing a publication, research lodges are fundamentally different in that they typically require a vote of the lodge to allow someone to become a member with voting rights and that the meetings of the lodge are opened and closed in accordance with the specifications of the grand lodge from which they are chartered.

Can any Mason join a research lodge?

Each research lodge has their own requirements for admission as a member. Most have restrictions which include being a Master Mason in good standing from a grand lodge recognized by the research lodge’s grand lodge. Many also have correspondence circles, or a correspondent level of membership, to allow for some level of participation in the activities of the research lodge.

Is the Alaska Lodge of Research and Education for Masonic scholars only?

Although many august Masonic scholars are or have been members of a research lodge, anyone who has an interest in Freemasonry will find value in becoming a member. The officers of the Lodge are available to assist any Mason or interested person in their research efforts, even if it is their first research project.

How is the Alaska Lodge of Research and Education funded?

The Lodge is entirely funded by membership dues.

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