Meetings, Events, & Online Forum

Physical communications of the Lodge are held biannually and on a Saturday. Virtual communications are held on the Fourth Wednesday at 7 o’clock post meridian Alaska Time.

Notice and registration of physical communications, social activities, and events will be sent to the Lodge and the Grand Lodge within 90 days of the function. The courtesy of an RSVP is expected from all Masons of the Lodge. A request to be excused is compulsory, if attendance is beyond the length of a brother’s cable tow.

An online forum is hosted over Discord for collaboration and discussion.

Please contact for meeting information, to receive email notifications, or for access to Discord.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

September 10, 2022

A Convention of Masons for Constituting the Alaska Lodge of Research and Education. Palmer and Big Lake. Click here to RSVP.

September 23-25, 2022

Alaska Lodge of Research and Education’s Autumn Retreat at the Tonsina River Lodge, South of Copper Center at Richardson Highway MP 79. Great fellowship, discourse, off-roading, shooting, and food. Click here to RSVP.

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