Membership in this Lodge is limited to Master Masons in good standing of a constituent lodge of the M.W. Grand Lodge, F. & A.M. of Alaska, or a Master Mason in good standing from jurisdictions in amity with the Grand Lodge of Alaska. It is the responsibility of each Master Mason to maintain good standing in their Blue Lodge(s).

Affiliation, demitting, and restoration of membership in the Lodge is in accordance with the Alaska Masonic Code (AMC) – Sections 17 and 18.

It is strongly recommended that a Master Mason desiring to affiliate with the Lodge prepare an original work and present it to the Lodge. A mentor from the Lodge will be assigned to assist in this undertaking, and his original work will undergo peer review.

Membership is maintained by crafting an original work to sustain the work of the Lodge every three years and attendance of 25% of the Lodge’s meetings (inclusive of in-person and online meetings) during the calendar year. Or attending 75% of every in-person and online meetings of the Lodge during the calendar year. The Officers of the Lodge reserve the right to hear appeals and make exceptions to this section.

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