Humanitarian of the Year

This is presented once each year by the Grand Master to an exceptional person within the communities of the Grand Lodge of Alaska for outstanding humanitarian service to Masonry in Alaska.

The award is for exceptional Brotherly/Sisterly Love and Compassionate assistance extended to members of the Masonic Community including Concordant and Appendant Bodies. The person must be a member of a Masonic Lodge or a member of a Concordant/Appendant Body under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge Alaska. Strong emphasis will be placed on service to a Blue Lodge or the Grand Lodge of Alaska during the year of the current Grand Master.

Recommendations should contain all available information This award will not be awarded posthumously and does not have to be awarded each year. Lodges in the matter pertaining to the exceptional raising of candidates and fruitful membership growth.

Anyone may submit a recommendation for this award.

Humanitarian’s of the Year

2022 – Tess Grubbs & Sorcha Hazelton
2021 – None
2020 – None
2019 – W.Bro. Dale Cain
2017 – Mayra Cecilia Sanchez-May
2015 – Georgene Brookman
2014 – Gabrielle Hazelton
2013 – Hilary Freeman
2012 – Iris Crothers

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