Masonic Lifetime Achievement

Presented once each year by the Grand Master to one member of a constituent Lodge of the Grand Lodge of Alaska for outstanding and exceptional service to Masonry in Alaska. Past or present Grand Masters and elected Grand Lodge Officers in the advancing line are eligible for this award. This award will not be awarded posthumously and does not have to be awarded each year.

Anyone may submit a recommendation for this award. Strong emphasis will be placed on service to “Blue Lodge” and/or the Grand Lodge of Alaska for a period often (10) years or greater.

Brethren recognized with the Masonic Lifetime Achievement Award

2022 –
M.W.Bro. Carl J. Lindstrom

2021 –
W.Bro. Dale S. Cain
R.W.Bro. James D. Grubbs
V.W.Bro. Gerald B. Hughes
M.W.Bro. Leslie R. Little
V.W.Bro. Jim R. McMichael
M.W.Bro. Jerry Wasson

2020 –
V.W.Bro. Gene E. Browning
V.W.Bro. John P. Johnson
V.W.Bro. Lee O. Seagondollar
V.W.Bro. Russell D. Shivers
V.W.Bro. Dennis R. Thayer

2019 –
W.Bro. Karl Amundsen
V.W.Bro. Billy Harris

2018 –
R.W.Bro. Jacques G. Boily

2017 –
V.W.Bro. V. Clifford Darnell (passed)

2016 –
M.W.Bro. Henry T. Dunbar (passed)

2015 –
V.W.Bro. Albert J. Brookman, Jr.

2014 –
V.W.Bro. James R. Griffith (passed)

2013 –
V.W.Bro. Monte Ervin

2012 –
W.Bro. Clarence Keto

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